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A Glimpse of Our Ostrovok

As you well know, it is very stressful sending your baby to a kindergarten. We once stood by the gate too, holding our baby and completely unaware of what to do next.

In 2019, our kindergarten will turn 10.
Ten years of experience, ten years of decisions that are measured, thought over, and tailored to existing circumstances.

We are growing along with our kids — we are definitely growing.
We understand that the kindergarten is an environment where a child lives without a mommy and daddy for 8 to 12 hours, so the child’s safety is of primary importance. Then, kids explore their surrounding world with curiosity and take interest in mastering new skills and communications.

Ten years.
Naturally, we have designed our own methodology, so today, we are ready to announce that it is efficient, fascinating, and loved by kids and their parents.

However, the methodology is not just a set of recommendations and the program for their implementation; it’s the people, long-standing staff able to work together as one. It’s the walls, inner space designed to fit the interests and needs of children.
This is a small but open and completely free world called Ostrovok where kids feel at ease!

Development Program

We understand how much and how fast the surrounding environment changes, so we want to prepare children for a life in the future.

We introduce children to the joy of learning and creativity.

We know that the world is enormous and, therefore, we teach kids to observe, research and make their own discoveries.

Role-playing is a primary tool for developing and teaching a preschooler.
Our fairy-tales “Adventures in Ostrovok”, where Letters and Numbers are the characters, help teach the basics of reading and writing during the preschool period.

Our team consists of teachers, psychologists, and programmers. We design interactive curriculums and supplement traditional methodologies with modern ones.

From early childhood, children listen to correct English pronunciation, start understanding and speaking it. Development programs in the kindergarten let our future students continue their education based on the Cambridge Primary School program.

2+ Group

Children explore the world by imitating and playing. Our kindergarten is an interesting and comfortable place for them. They play, draw, sing, move a lot, and English is used throughout many activities. Great attention is focused on sensory development, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Music, Speech and thinking development, English, Mathematics, Choreography, and Physical Education are major subjects. They are taught by specialist teachers. Kids also have sports lessons and complex classes with a psychologist.

3+ Group

We start practicing fairy-tale therapy to develop emotional intelligence. Kids role-play episodes, try the roles of characters, and learn to differentiate between right and wrong, a friend and a culprit, they start discovering a complicated world of social relations.

We continue learning English. Children are especially receptive to the material taught in rhythmic form. New English songs and poems are memorized for each topic.

Major subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

4+ Group

We continue practicing Fairy-Tale Therapy for the development of emotional intelligence.
Kids learn to make up stories and prepare staged role-plays both in their mother tongue and in English. Our children learn basic spelling extensively. In the middle group, we start using computers and tablets for the purposes of individual and group learning. Research elements and practical activities let us develop logical thinking and shape basic concepts.

Major subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

5+ Group

Here, parents need to make a choice about their child’s future. If children continue their education at Ostrovok Cambridge Primary School, it is time to enter grade 0 of the Ostrovok primary school. For children who will study according to the standard curriculum of the New Ukrainian School, we offer comprehensive pre-school classes in the pre-school group.

Major subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each child is unique, therefore there are no strict age requirements during admission; the most important thing here is for the baby to be psychologically ready to start attending a kindergarten. As a rule, the minimum age for our children is 2.5 years.

There are four groups in the kindergarten: Bees (2.5-3.5 years), Dolphins (3.5 – 4.5 years), Sunshines (4.5 – 5.5 years), and Octopies (5.5 – 6.5 years).

There are up to 16 children in a group.

Just as any licensed kindergarten, Ostrovok has its own kitchen and menu, which is approved by the Health Inspection Services.

The Educational curriculum includes the following classes: Mathematics, Development of Speech, English, Gymnastics, Choreography, Creativity. Major subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

Children may attend the kindergarten for half a day from 8:00 until 13:00.

Yes, we have a nurse and a sick-room.

Polyclinical specialists issue a medical record for a child entering a pre-school establishment (form No. 026/о). It includes medical examination results, vaccination records and a pediatrician’s report.

The best pre-school preparation consists of the comprehensive and harmonic development of a child. As part of pre-school learning, we offer a kindergarten pre-school group (full-time or half-day) where we prepare children to be a part of the team, following the daily routine and everyday classes. We will also work on the development of reading and writing skills, memory and attention, the development of speech, imagination, and logical thinking.

No, we do not have any other branches yet. We are located at 20 Pishonskaya Street.

We are open from 8:00 to 19:00

Groups are age-based; however, depending on the individual needs of a particular child, we may recommend mixed age groups.

There is one nursery teacher and one assistant nursery teacher in each group. In addition, teachers in the following subjects work with kids too: Mathematics, Speech Development, Gymnastics, Choreography, English.

If parents have not vaccinated their child for objective reasons (medical alerts, etc.), then the pre-school establishment management may admit such children in accordance with general practice.

In addition to OstrovOK Kindergarten, there is also Ostrovok Primary School.

There is online video surveillance in all groups and classrooms – you can see what your kid is up to at any time. Passwords to video surveillance cameras are changed every month, only parents of our students have access to these cameras.

If a child is allergic to certain foods, we try to adapt the menu to the needs of such a kid.


The cost of all classes is included in the tuition fee. In addition, children may attend additional English classes (besides the standard curriculum (4 times a week), we offer evening classes 3 times a week).